Blocks of uncut stone outside stonemason Lefevre

The power of the human hand.


Creative direction, Film direction, Film production


France’s leader in heritage restoration remains humble in spite of the impressive scale and diversity of its projects in the public and private sectors. By uniting the country’s most talented craftsmen and their savoir-faire, Aurige is a true patron of artisanship, at the service of French culture and excellence.

“The people we most wish to inspire by this project are our own”

Marc-Henry Menard
Close up of two paint pots at Duval et Mauler


By focusing on the raw potential of the human hand instead of the grand and luxurious finished works, we demonstrate the unbreakable personal bond between maker and masterpiece and the unique value of handcrafted work.

Inspiring a generation of extraordinary talent.

Portrait of smiling apprentice at Metiers du Bois Paris Close up of pouch containing wood carving tools

The film

Across 6 ateliers, following the hands of France's finest artisans.


Close up of hand of painter holding sponge Close up of sample decoration panels Duval et Mauler Stone mason's hands placing jig onto stone sculpture Metal worker using iron brush Close up of tools in woodworking workshop Uncut stone block against blue sky Stone mason at lefevre workshop Paris carving block of stone Metal worker inspecting rod as it is fired in oven