View through Czapek boutique window in Geneva of red and green watches

The rebirth of fine watchmaking heritage.


Brand concept, Luxury brand consulting, Creative direction, Advertising visual


Czapek & Cie is an independent Swiss watch brand that has surprised collectors and enthusiasts with remarkable mechanical timepieces. The revival of the company was inspired by the pocket-watches of François Czapek, one of the greatest 19th century watchmakers, and partner to Patek Philippe.

The company collaborates with only the finest artisans around Le Locle in Neufchatel, producing highly bespoke watches in extremely limited quantities for the true rare watch collector.

“We never planned to create a community, it just emerged from our way of working.”

Xavier de Roquemaurel
Macro of patterened ornamental guilloche engraving on watch faces


To accompany Czapek on its rapid ascent from artisan creator to independent superstar brand, we developed a tagline and campaign conveying Czapek’s collaborative yet disruptive character. Unlike most brands who sell a dream or identity to aspire to, Czapek responds to a particular type of person who simply aspires to own a Czapek.

View through window of Czapek watch mechanism held in vice Old pocket watches by François Czapek showing place de vendome View through magnifying class of the watch face of Czapek place vendome Close up of Czapek Quai des Dergues watch with leather strap

The tagline

We collect rare people.

Czapek we collect rare people advertising visual A4 artisan passing watch to client
Czapek we collect rare people advertising visual banner artisan passing watch to client
Czapek artisan passing blue quai des bergues watch to client