Domaines Delon

Domaines Delon

Illustration of angels floating in the night sky for Domaines Delon 2022 primeurs campaign

The incredible stories of Domaines Delon.


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The tastings en primeur are uniquely decisive for Bordeaux, for which journalists and wine merchants travel from around the world to determine the value of the newly-released vintage. A particularly speculative exercise, tasters are given just a glimpse of the future, from which they must project their ideas of how each wine will age for decades to come.

Illustration of boy taking a photo in front of the arch of Léoville Las Cases

For the 2022 vintage, Domaines Delon, famous for the mythical wine of Las Cases, wished to step away from a traditionally technical primeurs presentation and instead use the opportunity to hint at the numerous ambitious projects involving their properties on the left and right banks, and the possibilities for what’s to come.

Illustration of popup book showing scenes from the stories of Domaines Delon


Inspired by the feelings of both optimism and nostalgia as we revisit childhood stories, a 360-degree campaign uses the power of imagination to take us through an emotional journey between the family of estates in a way that is accessible and universal.

Ambition meets realisation.

Visual Identity

Mockup of visual identity propositions for Domaines Delon 2022 Primeurs Campaign

Animation film

The limitless power of imagination.


Illustration of Marquis looking at himself in mirror Illustration of gardeners trimming hedges in shapes of musical notes
Illustration of bottle of Las Cases lifting off from new winery
Illustration of lion blending wine in laboratory Illustration of knights of the round table having a banquet in the middle of vines
Illustration of Léoville Lions tasting wines with team

An invitation into the world of Domaines Delon


Mockup of greeting card and envelope for Léoville Las Cases
Mockup of primeurs 2022 brochure for Domaines Delon

Taste and discover

Tasting table decoration

Mockup of tasting table composition for 2022 Domaines Delon primeurs campaign