Gin 44

Gin 44

Bottle of Gin 44 lying on white sun-lounger

Born and distilled in grasse.


Art direction, Editorial strategy, Photography

Bottle of Gin 44 seen from the side covered in splashes of water


Gin 44 is the flagship product of the Comte de Grasse distillery, whose mission is to use extraction and distillation techniques mastered by the perfume industry to revolutionise the creation of luxury spirits.

Found behind the bars of some of the most prestigious establishments in France, Gin 44 promises an escape to the French Riviera, with an authentic but intensely aromatic profile that is unmatched by spirits using traditional techniques.


Artistic light reflections seen through blue bottle of Gin 44


In order to accompany Gin 44’s ambitious growth, we developed a more consistent, more premium image aiming to preserve a sense of Gin 44’s authentic roots in the region whilst expressing their modern and dynamic spirit.

Inspired by the terroir of the Côte d’Azur, we explore the role of the sun in the development of natural flavours and aromas, as well as stimulating optimism and creativity.

The French Riviera, rejuvenated.

Art direction

Art direction moodboards by TY Studio for Gin 44 photo shoot

Sun, sea, science, and social media.

Editorial strategy

Mockup mobile
Screenshot iphone mockup showing instagram feed for Gin 44

The art of distillation.

Close up of bottle of Gin 44 with sunlight flares shining through Artistic patterns of light shining through blue bottle of Gin 44

Extracting the terroir of the côte d'Azur.

Two bottles of Gin 44 out of focus sitting on rocks in front of Mediterranean sea Bottle of Gin 44 lying between two rocks on the Cote Azur

Aromatic intensity and contrast.

Macro of Gin 44 bottle label Macro of blue light projections through bottle of Gin 44

Inspiring creativity and optimism.

Bottle of Gin 44 under water in a swimming pool Bottle of Gin 44 on side of swimming pool with two cocktails either side and hand shadow