Château Haut-Bailly's new winery entrance at sunrise

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Storytelling, Digital advertising campaign

Drone aerial view of Château Haut-Bailly and new winery


At Haut-Bailly, everything is done to maintain balance and continuity. The place, the people and the wines all exude positive energy and a sense of harmony.

Recognised for their ongoing contributions to scientific, artistic and cultural endeavours, Haut-Bailly’s latest architectural project mirrors the power of the wines to establish a long-lasting connection with the terroir. Visitors are welcomed on a sensory journey that bonds them with Haut-Bailly though a memory created between them.

“Haut-Bailly has a soul, an elegance, a subtlety that it has had for generations.”

Bob Wilmers
Vehicle entrance to Haut-Bailly's winery


In partnership with Haut-Bailly, we created an interactive digital campaign at the intersection between journalism and advertising, to encourage new audiences to experience the future of winemaking.

Haut-Bailly cuvon set on top of walkway in vat room seen from below

The future of winemaking at your fingertips.

Interactive experience

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Social media

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Partner content campaign with The financial times.


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Every vintage a masterpiece

Print Advertising

Haut-Bailly print advertising visual every vintage a masterpiece bottle in contemporary art museum

Living in natural harmony.


Sunlight lens flare through small flowers Leaves and vegetation growing upwards Very old vine surrounded by small flowers Dreamy light through grassland in meadow Purple flowers against blue sky background Wild meadow blowing in the wind

Every person that tastes Haut-Bailly becomes part of its terroir.

Tasting room at Château Haut-Bailly with bottle and two red wine glasses sitting on table