Landscape of bottle of Mamont vodka sitting on rock next to lake in the mountains

Choose adventure.


Art direction, Photography


Created in Siberia’s oldest operating distillery, Mamont Vodka is immediately recognisable for its distinctive tusk-shaped bottle. With exponential growth, huge ambition and a cult following in Russia, Mamont launched its brand platform around the tagline: ‘Choose Adventure.’

Full range of Mamont vodka bottles sat on rock with sunlight shining through trees


By embarking on our own adventure in the Pyrenees, we drew inspiration from diverse landscapes and natural elements to give varying dynamics and art direction appropriate to each product in the range.

From the icy waters of a mountain lake.

Mamont Vodka

Landscape of bottle of Mamont vodka sitting on rock next to lake in the mountains Macro of Mamont vodka capsule surrounded by flowing water

To the sheltered wildnerness of a hillside forest.

Mamont Blood

Passing bottle of Mamont Blood vodka between hands in woodland environment Mamont vodka shot glasses sat on fallen tree trunk in woods

A spot for cool relief at a riverside clearing.

Mamont Ivory

Bottle of Mamont Ivory vodka sat on mossy rock in treeline Hand pulling bottle of Mamont Ivory vodka out of river with a splash

The reassuring comfort of a roaring campfire.

Mamont Blood

Bottle of Mamont Blood vodka sat on treestump next to roaring campfire

The invigorating freshness of a crashing waterfall.

Mamont range

Full range of Mamont Vodka bottles sat on rock in front of waterfall

Days of trekking, wading and scrambling for the perfect shot.

Behind the scenes of three people preparing the scene for Mamont Vodka photoshoot