Close up of bottle of Martell Blue swift sat on bar with lights in background

Your Martell, your way.


Art direction, Photography


Instead of telling people how they should drink Martell, a drinks strategy conceived by Impero agency puts power in the hands of consumers, proclaiming that there is no wrong way to enjoy Martell. And with an impressively complex product and diverse range, it appeals to a wide range of people and occasions.

Close up of hand putting bung on flask used to smoke a cocktail Close up of hands stirring a cocktail using a spoon and cocktail shaker


To launch the concept ‘Your Martell, Your Way’, we showed Martell naturally fitting into the lives of brand ambassadors as we shared their individual rituals alongside their personal stories.

Amaury Guyot of the Sherry Butt bar.

Martell Blue Swift

Portrait of Amaury Guyot smiling taking notes at the Sherry Butt bar Hands lighting a smoke gun whilst preparing a cocktail Macro of hand pouring a cocktail measure Close up of hand placing bottle of Martell Blue Swift onto a table

Juliette Larrouy of Le Syndicat.

Martell VSOP

Macro of Martell VSOP bottle label Portrait of Juliette Larrouy sitting on sofa laughing Juliette Larrouy pouring a measure of Martell VSOP into a cocktail shaker Close up of foam on finished cocktail in Martell glass
Portrait of Juliette Larrouy holding cocktail in front of Le Syndicat bar

2 days with some of Paris's most influential cocktail creators.

Backstage of Yoann Suberviolle filming Juliette Larrouy in Paris market