Ronan by Clinet

Ronan by Clinet

Ronan by Clinet push bike in front of vineyard at sunrise

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Brand platform, Storytelling, Animation film, Photography, Illustration, Website, Advertising visual

Illustration of Ronan on a push bike


Ronan by Clinet keeps the Château Clinet team on its toes, offering an escape from Grand Cru convention and stimulating creativity and innovation.

10 years on from the brand’s successful launch, Ronan Laborde’s admiration for Bordeaux’s lesser-known terroirs had only strengthened. With the Bordeaux landscape shifting and new opportunities emerging, he and his team were longing to tell new stories and embark on a new chapter.

Close up of red leather push bike saddle next to pink flower


Following a re-design of the label, we crafted a narrative and visual universe inspired by Ronan’s true values and way of life. Behind this charming dandy character and his fantastical journey lies an energetic ambassador of Bordeaux, with a powerful message to share with the world.

The magical world of Ronan.

Visual identity

Ronan by Clinet visual charter mockup
Ronan by Clinet event invitations mockup

Bordeaux, like you've never imagined.


Illustration of Grosse Cloche, Bordeaux Illustration of Ronan by Clinet in propeller plane Illustration of old grape vine Illustration of Monument aux Girondins, Bordeaux Illustration of Ronan by Clinet being carried by hot air balloon Illustration of carrelet in Bordeaux

Follow Ronan on his incredible journey.

Animation film

A guide for life and livelihood.


Ronan by Clinet press kit mockup

A sneak peak of Bordeaux's most charming secrets.


Ronan's vintage push bike leant against Porte Cailhau in Bordeaux Bottle of Ronan by Clinet wine sitting in picnic basket with wine glasses Close up flowers on vineyard plot left as farrow land Ronan by Clinet vintage push bike amongst stands of Rugby stadium Ronan vintage push bike seen on pinasse on bassin d'arcachon Ronan by Clinet vintage push bike seen through rows of vines in winter

Sharing Ronan's message with the world.

Web, social, print

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Mockup mobile
Ronan by Clinet print visual

Winemaking is a way of life.

Behind the scenes Ronan by Clinet photoshoot with L'Oeil d'Eos Behind the scenes Ronan by Clinet photoshoot with L'Oeil d'Eos