Close up of circular light projections on wooden table as sun shines through a glass of St-Rémy brandy

100% French Brandy.


Content strategy, Storytelling, Art direction, Content creation


St-Rémy is the world-leading French brandy, with authentic historic roots in the Loire Valley since 1886. Priding itself in expressing the variety and complexity of French terroirs, Master Blender Cécile Roudaut selects grapes from the most prestigious wine regions across the country to make each St-Rémy blend.


Through a collection of different projects, we developed a more premium, more consistent brand image for St-Rémy with the aim to express its 100% French roots whilst demonstrating the accessibility and diversity of the product.

Top shot of chopping board lying on wooden table with fruit ingredients for cocktail and bottle of St-Rémy VSOP on top

What good friends are made of.

Campaign visuals

St-Rémy XO product key visual fishing scene St-Rémy VSOP product key visual guitar and cheese scene

Satisfaction through simplicity.

Art direction, content strategy

Mockup mobile
iPhone mockup of st remy instagram feed

Friendship through the seasons.

Content creation

Hand using long spoon to stir St-Rémy cocktail Close up of bottle of St-Rémy VSOP lying in basked of apples Boy using canoe paddle to splash friends in another canoe Close up of hand holding glass of St-Rémy brandy in front of sunset through trees View from underneath of three friends chinking glasses of St-Rémy brandy together Group of friends by fireside in front of mountain cottage at night
Close up of hand swirling glass of brandy above table showing St-Rémy logo

Finished in calvados casks.

Product activation

Bottle of St-Rémy calvados cask finish collection sitting on calvados barrel next to glass of brandy Cécile Roudaut and Philippe Etignard seen through door of barrel cellar at Chateau de Breuil
Product shot of St-Rémy Calvados Cask Collection bottle with gift box and glasses of brandy sitting on Calvados barrel amongst apple orchard

Brandy and cheese

Pairing activation

Close up of hands of Rodolphe Le Meunier holding camembert Close up of two pieces of Vieille Mimolette cracked open on white counter
Cécile Roudaut and Rodolphe Le Meunier raising a glass of St-Rémy XO over a piano with cheese boards on top