Taransaud barrel sat in cooperage surrounded by cloud of dust

Barrels that come together like clockwork.


Creative direction, Film, Event


Many small cooperages have remarkable savoir-faire, but Taransaud is able to craft the finest French oak barrels at scale with utmost reliability and no sacrifice to quality.

Taransaud’s craftsmen alternate between intense physical work - hammering the barrels together and toasting them on roaring open flames - and the delicate manual tasks of sanding and finishing. Every gesture is carefully rehearsed, mastered and synchronised.

“Every careful step of making a taransaud barrel is orchestrated with perfect timing and precision”

Henri de Pracomtal
Barrel maker spraying water into the inside of a barrel being toasted


For a musical-themed soirée held in Bordeaux’s Grand Théâtre, we proposed to contrast the traditional event and venue with a striking percussive spectacle that transported guests to the heart of Taransaud’s ateliers. A brand film with an original composition extended the concept, immortalising this unforgettable moment and relating it back to Taransaud’s savoir-faire.

Percussionist drumming on different sized wine barrels

The film

An original composition inspired by the workshop atmosphere.


Backstage of Alexis Willis filming percussionist surrounded by wine barrels

Immersive live performance at Le Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux.


Hand hitting top of wooden barrel with drumstick

56 recorded sounds from 8 different types of barrel.

Microphones on stand in the middle of unfinished barrel
Reflection of sound engineer in window of mixing studio