View from above of red wine glass of Clinet against white background

Experience The Clinet sensation.


Creative direction, Art direction, Editorial Strategy, Storytelling, Website, Film, Photography, Key Visual


Clinet’s rare, hedonistic qualities and powerful yet elegant aromatic palate makes it one of Pomerol’s most desirable wines. An ambitious vision and continued, obsessive attention to detail has seen Clinet grow from strength to strength, now no longer defined by objective technical qualities but instead as a multi-sensory experience that each one of us can share in our own way.

“Clinet is a wine of pleasure and of sharing – it reminds us of who we really are.”

Ronan Laborde
Out of focus bottle of chateau Clinet sat on rock against sunset sky


We accompanied Clinet on an introspective journey, defining and communicating the rare sensation of tasting Clinet across a variety of interlinked formats, forming the basis for an editorial strategy that expresses their identity in a uniquely sensual and artistic way.

Unmistakeably Clinet.

Art direction

Mockup of TY Studio art direction moodboards for Chateau Clinet photography

Clinet's soil crafts clinet's texture.


Bottle of chateau clinet against red background, half in shadow Close up chateau clinet wine label, half obscured and marked with red paint Sunlight shining through vine leaves next to old Pomerol vines Clinet vineyard worker from behind holding wine crate looking up at Pomerol church Close up of glazed cherry half submerged in red paint Golden distorted reflections in stainless steel wine vat Close up of rose in vineyard with pink sunset sky in background Portrait of Clinet vineyard worker holding red spade in both hands


“With the slightest disturbance, Clinet comes alive. The tension flexed across its supple surface is relieved as the wine springs into shape, sparking a playful, delightful dance in close harmony with the glass.

Charged with youthful energy, Clinet radiates with joy and optimism. As Clinet swirls, it gathers excitement and enthusiasm with every turn. Sunlight streaks through the wine as if it were a revolving jewel, throwing off projections, reflections and aromas – teasing the senses with what’s to come.”

The film

A digital tasting experience.


Mockup desktop
Mockup mobile

Pomerol's most aromatic terroir.

Key Visual

Chateau Clinet Parfum de Terroir key visual

Clinet is red, Clinet red.

Personal exploration

Bottle of chateau clinet half behind red filter, slightly out of focus View from above of red wine glass against white background Light shining through red wine as it is swirled in a glass Multiple exposure of capsule of bottle of Chateau Clinet Out of focus bottle of Chateau Clinet against white background Artistic long exposure of red wine swirling inside wine glass Cherry on white background half obscured by red filter Chateau Clinet label seen behind carafe with red light flickers

Clinet reminds you how great nature can be.

Mosaic of stills from colouring Clinet sensation film at Lily Post-prod