Close-up of fleur-de-lys on LOUIS XIII decanter

Masters of time.


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Two different sized LOUIS XIII cognac decanters sitting in a display cabinet


LOUIS XIII is the jewel in the crown of the Rémy Cointreau group, and one of the world’s most iconic luxury spirits. The majestic decanter, with its unmistakeable form and deep mahogany colour, radiates out from the finest bars and tables across the globe as a symbol of French heritage, savoir-faire and art-de-vivre.

“Each precious eau-de-vie captures a distilled memory from our terroir.”

Old flasks of cognac eaux-de-vie in display cabinet


In collaboration with Icone, we took LOUIS XIII from luxury product towards luxury universe first by re-thinking then re-creating the fundamentals of the brand platform, with a re-imagined brand concept.

A 360° editorial and content strategy provided the means for the brand concept to come alive across a range of formats and touchpoints, whilst a proprietary brand language gave a solid and inspiring foundation on which to craft powerful storytelling. A distinct product universe and expression were defined for each format of LOUIS XIII carafe.

The drop

Product shot of range of different coloured LOUIS XIII THE DROP

Product story

“What if centuries of wisdom, heritage and emotion could be captured, distilled and condensed down into a single instant?

Over centuries, LOUIS XIII visionaries have become masters of time, seizing every fleeting second and shaping an ever-evolving, ever-enduring legacy.”

Close-up of fleur de lys on louis xiii rare cask during glass sculpting Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.1 on a podium at launch event

Rare cask 42.1 - a true wonder of time and nature.

Product story

“For the third time in history, in an unexpected departure from the ordinary passage of time, Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau uncovers the third milestone in the RARE CASK legacy: RARE CASK 42.1.

Inexplicable and unpredictable, a single tierçon has began to reveal an uniquely exceptional aromatic profile, giving a distinct expression of LOUIS XIII Cognac never encountered before.”

Louis XIII infinite experience wheel filling decanter Hand inserting capsule into Louis XIII infinity wheel

The infinity experience.

Voice over

“What if time could be crafted so that it becomes eternal – threading the souls of man and nature into unbroken cycles of rebirth and regrowth?

What if time could be redefined to have no limit – visionary hands and minds seizing each second, and shaping a legacy that will live forever?

What if time could be passed from hand to hand, with the power to keep each moment alive and to reignite another instant?

What if every end was a new beginning?”

Beauty shot of LOUIS XIII Cognac new life coffret on red background

New 'life' coffret

Press release

“By carefully reconsidering how each hand-crafted crystal decanter is treasured, shared and presented, LOUIS XIII is not only able to achieve significant improvements with regards to sustainability, but also create a deeper emotional connection with LOUIS XIII Cognac – with a reimagined opening experience.

In a moment of wonder, the decanter is discovered as light pours through the coffret’s circular opening, radiating through its crystal walls and revealing the fascinating mahogany hues of LOUIS XIII Cognac.”

Perpetuating the LOUIS XIII legacy, one word at a time.